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Take a Guided Tour of the All New MedAxcess

In-depth Webinar

Join us for this webinar that details all the new and improved features of MedAxcess 3.0—easier, faster and better access to the data that matters most.

New features include: 

  • At-a-glance dashboard display of Key Indicators 
  • Benchmarking and trending data on the same page 
  • The ability to Chart and filter by measure 
  • Customize math formulas 
  • Display filter details 
  • Cumulative measures and data 
  • Updated export to PowerPoint feature 

And so much more...

Login and explore the new MedAxcess now! Let us know if you have any issues accessing your account.

You can also view our MedAxcess 3.0 tutorials

Improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare relies on data. The right data. At the right time, in the right format and the right place.  

Using intuitive intelligence, smarter navigation and more automation, MedAxcess 3.0 puts all the data you want at your fingertips.

The improved look, feel and functionality of MedAxcess 3.0 includes:

At-a-glance dashboard display of Key Indicators 

MedAxcess Dashboard

Benchmarking and trending data on the same page and display filter details  

MedAxcess Benchmarking Trending

Chart and filter by measure  

MedAxcess Chart Filter by Measure

Customize math formulas  

MedAxcess Custom Math

Enhanced measure Stack By feature with the ability to graph dual Y axis  

MedAxcess Dual Axis

Cumulative measures and data 

MedAxcess Cummulative Measures

Updated export to PowerPoint feature

MedAxcess Powerpoint Export

You can also identify specific practices within your POD. All these features combine to help you access and share your complete data story—using your phone, tablet or computer!